Subject:RE: RE: RE: GERHART FOUR Date:Sat Dec 22 12:25:36 2012
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I have that one Doug I have the dealer folder it has the two Cloth backed photos that one and the one of the bike being ridden. we have a few parts from the one that came from east Germany I have tried to go back and find other things but to no avail.. I did find another even more rarer??? Is that a word? More rarer..... anyhow Rotten Richard turned me onto another four he found years ago as well. Richard and I got the pamplet from you Doug which we both enjoyed. we have been trying to complete some very rare fours all pre 1917 the only post 17 is my 1920 Militore. we are putting together the 1912 Militaire I also have a 1914,15,16 . The 12 we got the makings of two from Bill Harrah although it is a single and NOT a four it fits with the odd ducks we are trying to put together. We are even tring to finish the 1911 Henderson Belt. in the next few years with Richard retiring and moving accross for me in his new house we should have the time. I also forgot I purchased Richards old Fowler this year although it is a 1926 model we have gotten all three of the experimental models from Cleveland and have the whole collection now 1924-1929. When you get the chance Give me a call Rich and I can help you with the Gerhart If you would like? We need more information on the "Champion" if you have it. and all on the Gerhart.

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