From:Tom Lovejoy
Subject:RE: RE: deluxe cylinders Date:Tue Dec 18 11:27:39 2012
Response to:4442

Thanks much, never saw that option on there before - Tom.

To see a recent comparable sale go to eBay Motors, search "Henderson" under "completed items" and scroll back in time till you find a pair that sold for $200 and $250 respectively.

You Otis Spiker fans might also notice an original set that sold for $125. Seems like someone with the past set photocopied by Steve T. could do the hobby a service by making additional sets for distribution, and make a buck in the meantime.

What would you guys say would be a fair price for usuable Deluxe cylinders? They have a chipped fin or two, but I see no other damage. Bores look good,no valve caps. Might have a valve or two in em.I have looked and could not find any for sale lately. Just curious, thanks Tom.