From:Steve Thielicke
Subject:RE: Internal brake parts for Deluxe? Date:Thu Dec 13 12:06:56 2012
Response to:4423
Many years ago Mike Kane allowed me to make drawings and these are what I made. I cast a few extra shoes at the time. I can scan you the drawings, my first cam came out wrong, the flats where the brake arm mounts should line up with the cam flats, mine are 90 degrees out. The band is made from tubing.

Does anyone have any spare internal brake shoes and cams for the Deluxe brake?
Part #'s are as follows:
Internal Brake Band Asssy: K-623
Internal Brake Cam: K-6276

I need these 2 parts for my 24 Big X project. Even if I could just get my hands on them to copy that would be fine.

Thanks,Gene Harper