From:Kris Thompson
Subject:RE: Rear brake drum Date:Sun Dec 9 09:59:34 2012
Response to:4416
Doug, What I have done is to machine off the band section and then go to your
local machine shop and purchase the correct (or close to) the correct inside and
outside diameters. Assuming you have a lathe to do this you can cut a relief in
the new band material so that you can get a good deep weld on the two mating
surfaces. Once welded together you put it in your lathe and cut the outside
diameter to the correct size. One benefit to all this is that you can actually make
a thicker wall on the band section for long life. This might seem like a
complicated process but it really pretty easy.

Are rear brake drums available for the Deluxe or has someone figured a way to
rebuild these. My drum is worn on the outside and is pitted on the inside.