From:Mark Hill
Subject:RE: RE: Exhaust valve stem lubrication Date:Fri Dec 7 06:23:12 2012
Response to:4410

We used type 40 or G2 cast iron. we ran our exhaust guides the same as Dave Molnar, .004. Intakes at .003. This is a little tighter than normal and tighter than Henderson specs which I believe are .006 exhaust and .004 intake. Whatever you do, you have to run a hard chrome stem valve. That is the key as there is no real good lubrication. We also did periodically paste the valve stems with bell ray engine assembly lubricant. We suffered no issues whatsoever with valves. If you want to check out some exotic valve guide material, MS 90, go to the Cannonball website and read through my blog postings. This is the stuff that i will be using from now on. It is expensive but it allowed us to tighten things up even more. Remember, you've got to use a hard chrome stem.

John, Are you talking about initial assembly? If so why not use an assembly lube
available at most speed shops or even Heaven forbid your local Hardley Ableson
shop? Mark and others must know the perfect formula. Do you have cast iron
guides and Kibblewhite? valves? Old school is white assembly grease. ? What
did the cannonballers use?

Do you guys have a recommended grease to use when assembling exhaust
valves in the guides? A lot of heat and no lube is not a good thing.