From:Mark L Hunnibell
Subject:RE: British Hendersons back in the day Date:Sun Nov 18 09:59:41 2012
Response to:4374

A couple of years ago, I bought reprints of two photos from this series from Ed Eiler (AMCA #14467), a vendor who I met at the Rhinebeck meet. His email address is antiquemotorcyclephotos (at)

After receiving the prints, I scanned them and zoomed in as best as I could, checked the building architecture. Based on this analysis and additional research, I have concluded that the two photos I have were taken outside what appears to be a Henderson dealer not much later than 1919 at 157 Great Portland Street on London's West End (the shop at this location is apparently currently a French wine merchant, "Nicolas,"

The reason I don't think it was much later than 1919 is that the building across the street (seen in the reflection of the glass storefront of the Henderson dealer) is the Great Portland Street Branch of the London Joint Stock Bank. However, the London Joint Stock Bank was bought out by Midland Bank in 1918. I do not know if Midland continued to operate the London Joint Stock Bank without renaming it, but if they didn't, it probably was just a matter of old signage that had not been updated. That said, I have been told that some of the parts on the bike in "my" photos are later than 1919 (though there is consensus that the bike itself is a 1919 Z2) so it seems possible that it was taken later... into the 1920s.

The two photos that I bought are here:

However, in reviewing other photos, it seems that at least one of them were also taken at the same location:

It appears to me that, due to the manner in which many of these photos were taken (with men holding up sheets behind the bikes), it is likely this was an effort over a relatively short period of time as part of a photo documentary of motorcycles in London. Ed Eiler wrote to me that the two photos I bought from him were of a bike that was a factory prepared display model photographed just prior to a motorcycle show in England.

One thing I did find interesting was the extra words and markings on one of the gas tanks:

The word "MAKALOS" is included nicely on the tank and there is apparently a logo or seal added toward the front of the tank. This is apparently a Swedish word meaning "peerless," "matchless" or "unrivalled."

Anyway, I think Ed Eiler probably has the collection and you could contact him for current pricing (and maybe even more info about the motorcycle show).

Seems to me that if there's to be another Henderson book, some of these photos might be really nice to arrange to include.

Mark Hunnibell