From:Barry Brown
Subject:RE: RE: Watercooled Henderson and Jeff's Cyclone Date:Fri Nov 16 13:03:35 2012
Response to:4370

Doug, Just add it to my long list of shoulda', couda', woulda' blunders.
Anyway YOU were at that Harmony Meet and shoulda' bought it!
Art Constantine made a watercooled Henderson before he was involved in the
industry. I'd have to research the photo source, probably an old Ted Hodgdon
photo in the AMCA magazine. It's not in the Golden Age of the Fours.
Wonder if that was the same engine....and you got rid of it. When may I slap
you silly! And please, don't tease me about Gerharts. My quest for an engine
never got anywhere.

Regarding the stolen Cyclone, I inquired about it recently and the bikes are
still missing.

Back in the eighties I sold King Miller a Hen engine with what appeared to be
homemade copper water jackets.When I first got it I thought it might be a
Gerhardt. LOL. Just curious about what happened to it and also does anyone
have any updates on the stolen Cyclone , seems to have faded from the radar.