Subject:RE: RE: penetrating oil Date:Wed Nov 14 08:40:59 2012
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Totally agree. Sometimes have to add some patience. Just got some original threaded parts out of an old motor, penetrating oil, heat, gentle tap. Ket trying and repeating every time I was in the workshop. Few days later out they come, easy, no damage.

Like lots of stuff you find on the net this is old news and not necessarily great
as I have tried it and am not impressed. Nothing beats the judicious
application of heat .

My cousin sent this to me, thought i'd pass it on. Ed

For all of you mechanic's and self doer�s out there. Recently �Machinist
Workshop Magazine� did a test on penetrating oils. Using nuts and bolts
that they �scientifically rusted� to a uniform degree by soaking in salt water,
they then tested the break-out torque required to loosen the nuts. They
treated the nuts with a variety of penetrants and measured the torque
required to loosen them. This is what they came up with:

Nothing: 516 lbs
WD-40: 238 lbs;
PB Blaster: 214 lbs;
Liquid Wrench: 127 lbs,
Kano Kroil: 106 lbs
Shop brew (50/50): 50 lbs.

This last �Shop brew� of 50% automatic transmission fluid and 50% acetone
appears to beat out the commercially prepared products costing far more.