From:Barry Brown
Subject:RE: penetrating oil Date:Tue Nov 13 12:28:03 2012
Response to:4363
Like lots of stuff you find on the net this is old news and not necessarily great
as I have tried it and am not impressed. Nothing beats the judicious
application of heat .

My cousin sent this to me, thought i'd pass it on. Ed

For all of you mechanic's and self doer�s out there. Recently �Machinist
Workshop Magazine� did a test on penetrating oils. Using nuts and bolts
that they �scientifically rusted� to a uniform degree by soaking in salt water,
they then tested the break-out torque required to loosen the nuts. They
treated the nuts with a variety of penetrants and measured the torque
required to loosen them. This is what they came up with:

Nothing: 516 lbs
WD-40: 238 lbs;
PB Blaster: 214 lbs;
Liquid Wrench: 127 lbs,
Kano Kroil: 106 lbs
Shop brew (50/50): 50 lbs.

This last �Shop brew� of 50% automatic transmission fluid and 50% acetone
appears to beat out the commercially prepared products costing far more.