From:Barry Brown
Subject:RE: Henderson Book Date:Tue Oct 30 08:46:47 2012
Response to:4338

Just make sure it has a WOVEN binding and is not "perfect bound"
I've had a couple of conversations with Rich Schultz regarding the reprinting of
his book, "Hendersons - Those Elegant Machines". This has spanned the topics
of updating the book with later material (which it lacks), hard bound or soft
bound, digital publishing and market.

Rich would like the book to retain its quality appearance which means hard
bound. We've yet to determine whether the book will be updated, or simply

I need to know from the listers, what your desires are. I also need to know what
you think the printing number should be. There must be a need large enough to
financially allow this project to go ahead. Are there enthusiast markets outside
of this list? Need to know your thoughts.
Doug Strange