From:Mark L Hunnibell
Subject:RE: Henderson Book Date:Sun Oct 28 12:19:09 2012
Response to:4338

I spoke with Mark Hill and a few others about this subject at the gathering after Steve Ciccalone's memorial service last year. Mark had apparently been discussing with Steve the notion of a follow-on book. I know he wanted to include more technical information (i.e. parts lists, serial numbers, etc... basically a good resource for both those interested in the hobby, but also those interested in learning what was needed to restore bike). I got the impression he had something of a working group on the subject but I never heard back (I did write to offer my help with production, but must defer to others for true expertise).

I agree it should be hard bound. There are ways to produce it on demand which, although is probably more expensive to buyers, represents less exposure for the publishers and it allows updates to be made (2nd edition, 3rd, etc.).

Maybe it should be two books... "Volume I" which would be an extension/update of Richard's first book to include later years, and "Volume II" for restorers and others interested in more nuts and bolts.

Either way, I am interested and would be willing to help.

Mark Hunnibell

I've had a couple of conversations with Rich Schultz regarding the reprinting of his book, "Hendersons - Those Elegant Machines". This has spanned the topics of updating the book with later material (which it lacks), hard bound or soft bound, digital publishing and market.

Rich would like the book to retain its quality appearance which means hard bound. We've yet to determine whether the book will be updated, or simply reprinted.

I need to know from the listers, what your desires are. I also need to know what you think the printing number should be. There must be a need large enough to financially allow this project to go ahead. Are there enthusiast markets outside of this list? Need to know your thoughts.
Doug Strange