Subject:RE: LED headlight unit for inside your original housing Date:Tue Oct 9 00:01:29 2012
Response to:4301

Just thought I'd let you all in on my latest research on trying to improve on the crap 6v lighting situation.

I found a very new LED headlight sealed unit that is only 4.5" across and not very deep that could fit inside the original headlight shell.

The low beam draws .85 amps (10.2 watts) low beam and 1.7 amps (20.4 watts) high beam. Yes I know, this is at 12 volts. Well, here's how to solve THAT problem:

This converter is available on ebay shipping from HK China. There are other smaller ones too but I like this one as it's regulated, screwdriver adjustable and 150 watts so it won't work hard.

Using this setup should allow use of the original 6 volt (splitdorf with Gene's electronic regulator) charging system while using just over half the wattage as the original 6v incandesant lamp if you do the math and the best part is retina frying lighting - hither to unknown in the antique motorcycle industry. I intend to try this and will post my findings. I will probably do all the lights in 12 volt lEDs which should be no problem. The Klaxon will sing too!

And noooooow, heeeeeeeere's GENE....!