From:Carl Henrik Stormer
Subject:Excelsior Henderson Bulletin Date:Sat Sep 29 17:08:43 2012
From 1977 to 1985 Otis L Spiker, President of the Excelsior-Henderson Restoral Society, published a bulletin for society members. Otis had been connected with the engineering and testing staff of the Excelsior Motor Manufacturing & Supply Company for 12 years, and knew all the tricks. His bulletins had a lot of important information for restorers and enthusiasts.

I have all the bulletins from 1977 to 1985 except one issue - volume 3 number 4 from autumn 1979. Very irritating.

Finding this issue is probably impossible, but perhaps someone is willing to make a photocopy or a scan of this issue for me. I would be very grateful and would gladly refund all costs. I can be reached by e-mail in Oslo Norway at this address:

Cheers, Carl