From:Mark Addis
Subject:RE: Endurance Date:Mon Sep 24 13:04:30 2012
Response to:4281
Had the amazing opportunity yesterday to escort the Cannonball riders across the San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge to Dudley Perkins Harley Davidson. Unfortunately I was not able to provide escort using my 24 Henderson, since it appears to be years away from completion; did try to make an even trade with Frank Westfall for his 24 (for some reason Frank did not seem very interested). It was extraordinary to see so many running Henderson together at one time, I believe I counted 14 at Dudleys. The finish party for the Cannonball participants at Dudley Perkins was outstanding, with an estimated 500 people in attendance to welcome their arrival. Great job to those who participated in the 4000 mile journey.
Congratulations to everyone who participated in the Cannonball.

Endurance: 46% of the Hendersons finished with a perfect score, while only 28% of the Indians and 23% of the Harleys managed this feat. This is a testament to the great design of the Hens, and the dedication of Hen riders and mechanics. It's interesting that there were no Indian 4's or Aces on the run.

Endurance: Now that you're returning home and will have time to peruse the latest AMCA magazine, read Luke Griesbach's excellent article on another facet of Henderson endurance - Hen #1 is alive and well in Chicago.

The AMCA Highlands Chapter "mini-cannonballed" around West Virginia this weekend. 100% of the Hendersons came home with a perfect score. Fortunately, so did everyone else. After only 2 days of riding, my butt is sore - I can't imagine 16 straight days!

Again congratulations to the men and the machines.