From:Martin Colver
Subject:RE: RE: Going home Date:Mon Sep 24 09:03:38 2012
Response to:4276

I am so impressed with the results, and how well the Hendersons held up.
I took a lot of moxie to run those bikes all the way across the country like that.
A huge congratulations goes out to all of the riders and crew for pulling off another Cannonball Run.
And hey! How about that little 2nd cousin 1913 Excelsior?
Right on, Brad Wilmarth. You have proven once again. You Da Man!
Congratulations Mark ! Biggest pleasant surprise for me was how well the
Deluxes performed. Did Frank's bike have a counterbalanced crank? That
unrestored looking deluxe was the most beautiful bike on the run ( to my eye) .
Of course it was nice to se an r11 Beemer take 3rd place since I just bought one!

Headed for the airport check out the cannonball website the schwinns ran away
with it. Class 2 and. Class 3 was swept by the Henderson's 19 bikes Finnished
with perfect scores five from the fourth coast. We killed them. Thanks to All that
came out four the wolf pack.