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Subject:RE: Zenith T4X jets Date:Fri Sep 21 12:39:45 2012
Response to:4259
Keep in mind those jets are the same as used on many car Zenith carbs and can easily be re-drilled to increased sizes to find the one suitable for your Henderson.
Drills are available in steps 0,05mm below 1 mm either trough the internet or at a well assorted hardware store / machine shop.
This is how I played to get a correct main jet for my Tx4.
I allso found the cuffing when accelerating is depending on the idle jet setting (the external one).


For my Henderson deluxe 1928 I need a spare compensating jet #20, #21 or #22 in order to try curing "hesitation" before the main jet takes over. Originals or replicas - whatever is available.
Carl Henrik Stormer - Oslo, Norway