From:Thomas Fickau
Subject:RE: Henderson parts for sale Date:Sun Sep 16 16:24:01 2012
Response to:4264
If not to late .... I would be interested in the Motorcyclist mags.
Thomas Fickau

I gave some Henderson parts for sale:
1)Al the henderson BULLETIN MAGS BY OTIS SPIKER (33mags)
2)Oil sump for Deluxe
3)Crankshaft for deluxe
4)flywheel deluxe
5)oilpump deluxe
6)Good sparking Magneto:Bosch ZF4
7)new old stock KJ Bosch magneto need remagniting never used
8)revers gear for sidecar use
9)several bearing caps (steel ones from Ballack)
10)the mags from the Indian4 club nr1 1966 until 2005
11)Motorcyclist nr1 1932 until 1935
Want something? email me and make me an offer
Thanks Eric