From:Dennis Henderson
Subject:Cannonball Milwaukee Date:Mon Sep 10 21:42:24 2012
We were at the Harley Davidson Museum yesterday to greet the Cannonball riders who arrived a bit late after being delayed on the Lake Michigan ferry crossing. The attached picture is of Doug Feinsod of California #18 swapping out an engine with his support crew Perry Ruiter. The Henderson 'wolf pack' support vehicle had problems around Wauseon, OH so Perry flagged down another support team vehicle and brought the spare Deluxe engine with him to Milwaukee. Big crowds all day at the museum and the Hendersons were a main attraction once the riders rolled in with a big Milwaukee motorcycle police escort. If you're anywhere near any of the stops along the way, make an effort to meet the Cannonball gang. Kudos to Mark Hill for helping to gather this great group of Hendersons!