From:Mark L Hunnibell
Subject:RE: HENDERSONS IN THE CANNONBALL Date:Sun Sep 9 20:52:27 2012
Response to:4253

I was there when they all arrived in Sandusky, Ohio yesterday afternoon. I shot the attached photo of Rich Correia with his 1925 just about three minutes after he pulled in to the pitstop for the night around 3:15PM. There were still guys rolling in at 7PM.

I shot a short clip of at least 18 of them rolling out this morning just after 7AM. The "Wolf Pack" with Mark Hill and others in the gang of Henderson drivers is in this clip:

There were 16 Hendersons signed up and I think 13 are still in it.

Where's the "ADV rider" web site?

Best pictures I could find of the ongoing race and participating Hendersons are at ADV rider. Seems round the world rider "guzzi Doug" has entered a 101. Entries are loosely focused around his progress but all told entertaining stuff if you can't be there! Check it out. Coverage elsewhere is pretty sparse a little surprising and disappointing.