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Endangered they may be , but they are still out there, Old bikes are a Hobby
to me
so I am not in the biz. Yes in hindsight I should have went straight to a
reputable Manufacturer, to have the rods and pistons made from scratch.
I spoke with a Few Henderson Engine builders and one that I spoke to assured
they could get me the parts I was after as they had to order some anyway for
they were building, so it just made sense to go that way at the time.
Incidentally the pistons
I have already paid for but not received were made by Ross. No, Quality is not
cheap but it
should be achievable in a realistic time frame.

In the world of high performance vintage 4 cylinder bikes "average Joes" are
an endangered species. If you are in the biz yourself why don't you buy your
pistons from Ross or another reputable supplier? Carillo makes rods. Quality
never came cheap.


Yes pros and cons each way I think
Good thing with a old resto is that they can sometimes be verified back to
always being one bike if the history is known as opposed to building a bike
out of collected parts. We prefer to buy old resto bikes as opposed to Baskets
but do find that there is usually a amount of work involved to make the bike a
reliable rally bike.

Yes there are some nice parts being made for the KJ due to the Cannonball
but are the parts actually buyable to the average joe ? I have a resto project
I put in a order for a set off new KJ Rods, rod bearings, and pistons plus a few
other bits and pieces, from one of the well known henderson builders

I ordered the parts well over 12 months ago and made payment for the parts
in September 2011 (11 months ago) and so far have received the rods and a
pressure plate and no pistons or rod bearings, and the seller wont answer his
phone or answer emails. I know everyone is busy but this is just over the top,
especially when the whole order was originally promised to be done in 6

so if it is this hard just to purchase a few parts how would it be trying to build
a Engine with mainly new up graded parts.

Yes that is true, that was Erik Dunk's bike that was sold to Australia, ( an older
restoration, good but far from state of the art) . The picture for KJ's is rapidly
changing as we speak and if I were to be in the market I would much prefer to
buy a decent basket case since there have been so many great new
components recently developed for the cannonball such as cylinders, cams,
cranks etc I know of 2 very nice baskets sold in the 25K range within the last
year. When you buy a "restored" bike it is a crap shoot so why not do it
yourself or have it done by someone who knows what he is doing? Then you
can ride with confidence. My 2 cents worth.


The last KJ that sold on ebay went for a little over 50K

Hi there aren't many resources to begin with for antique Henderson's. I'm
some research for some one who will be trying to sell 2 1931 Henderson KJ
series in the VERY near future and was hoping for a ruff estimate on the
price of each bike in good condition from top to bottom. Thanks. Once a little
work is put into them they may be posted online as well.