From:Barry Brown
Subject:RE: RE: For Sale....soon Date:Thu Aug 23 18:12:02 2012
Response to:4243
Yes that is true, that was Erik Dunk's bike that was sold to Australia, ( an older
restoration, good but far from state of the art) . The picture for KJ's is rapidly
changing as we speak and if I were to be in the market I would much prefer to
buy a decent basket case since there have been so many great new
components recently developed for the cannonball such as cylinders, cams,
cranks etc I know of 2 very nice baskets sold in the 25K range within the last
year. When you buy a "restored" bike it is a crap shoot so why not do it
yourself or have it done by someone who knows what he is doing? Then you
can ride with confidence. My 2 cents worth.


The last KJ that sold on ebay went for a little over 50K

Hi there aren't many resources to begin with for antique Henderson's. I'm
some research for some one who will be trying to sell 2 1931 Henderson KJ
series in the VERY near future and was hoping for a ruff estimate on the
price of each bike in good condition from top to bottom. Thanks. Once a little
work is put into them they may be posted online as well.