From:Dave Hennessey
Subject:RE: RE: KICKSTART AGAIN Date:Wed Aug 8 18:25:16 2012
Response to:4229
Me again, talking to myself. [...]


That's the great thing about the Internet - you can talk to yourself, and millions of people can listen to you talk to yourself - on Facebook, Twitter, KJ Exchange, etc.

Years ago when you talked to yourself, they sent the guys in the white suits to visit you. But hey, it's the digital age, and talking to yourself is no longer aberrant behavior - it's [italics] de rigueur [/italics].

While our younger generations can only broadcast their innermost thoughts in "tweets" of 140 characters or less, the KJ Exchange allows us older folk to ramble on at length. Anything worth saying requires a thousand words.

Mark Zuckerberg made billions on the recent Facebook IPO (even though the stock has tanked since then). So maybe the KJ Exchange needs to do an IPO. We're not quite as sexy as Facebook, so maybe we'll price our shares at what Microsoft is selling for now - $30/share.

That's a real bargain - anyone in for 100 shares?

Oh, someone's knocking at the door. They're wearing white. They seem quite insistent...