From:Dave Hennessey
Subject:Spark plugs - it's the chickens's fault Date:Sun Aug 5 20:41:33 2012
I need to change the spark oplugs on my KJ, but the chickens have gotten me all confuzled.

I used to use Champion D16 in my Knucklehead. I use D18Y in my 1949 Farmall Cub tractor. What do I use in the KJ?

Well, I used to have everything lined up on the shelf, until the current generation of chickens learned to fly, and they have confuzled my inventory system.

I brew my own beer, and the chickens love to eat the spent malted barley - after I've mashed it - extracted all the good stuff out of it. Score 1 for Dave, 0 for chickens.

But on brew day, they hang around the garage - "Daddy, when will the grain be ready?". They get anxious - sometimes flitting around and scattering the items on my shelves. Like my spark plugs...

So: What spark plugs do you use in your KJ?