Subject:RE: White Balloon Tires Date:Thu Aug 2 20:02:07 2012
Response to:4210
18 months ago Steve Ciccalone and I asked each other all the same questions.
As I recall, Coker Tires told us we needed to purchase 20 or 25 sets. Between
Steve and I, we needed four or five sets. Steve had several others that wanted
tires but seems that only got commitments for about a dozen sets.
Without Steve to push the project, momentum stalled.
I do think there is a market for the tires.


Can we all figure out how to get Corky to make the White tires again? I talked
with Morris due to his threat of kicking Corky's arse over a wrecked Ace at 65
mph on the 405 in Los Angles.... where he called them "Bubble Gum" and said
they grew Goiters on them whilst sitting in plane view.
After looking at them I see that the mold was made incorrectly and that the
"Grip" or the "Clincher" was not made and was deformed. why can't the mold
be fixed? is there enough intrest to make them? How many are on the band
How many do we need to order?
lets see who uses them.

I know I have been asked about them many times. i also know many here
need them.