From:Dave Molnar
Subject:RE: NEWS FLASH Date:Thu Aug 2 15:45:27 2012
Response to:4212
Oh Barry...!

Actually I just got back. it was almost all freeway all 65-70 four hours and hours. I ended up not going around the lake due to time constraints but the trip was still 803 miles with no support, just with what I had in the bags. The torential down-pour we hit the other day (Barry and I) was rediculous. After ten minutes of that I stopped under a bridge and promptly got a real good lifter off the guard rail due to a lightning stike only yards away! I lost Barry after that. Bosch mags do really good in heavy down-pours (better than me) for long periods it seems. Its nice to be able to say I had absolutly no issues with the ol girl for the whole trip other than the usual un-nerving slow wobble that developes at high speeds. She came idling up to may shop a few minutes ago running as it has all season.

It was great to visit The 4th Coast shop in Waddington NY (Mark Hill and friends) and see all the great looking cannonball bikes and engines under constuction. A real treat to say the least! A lot of great new advancements going on in all areas of Henderson construction. I also had the chance to go along down to Pat Murphy's place in Syracuse. I now know how skilled that man is. His restoration work is truely amazing. (I am not worthy!). There are a number of Hend chassis in there getting done and all were stunning. We went out there to deliver and install Clydes incredible engine with all the newly developed parts (a very special motor - like no other KJ I've heard) into the equally beautiful Pat Murphy prepared Chassis. That bike will be the benchmark, there is no doubt.

Barry, we really need to get together soon on a that new Crocker style steering damper project before I end up picking clover with my teeth...

Forget about google, look up "Henderson Enthusiast" in that dusty old encyclopedia and you will see this picture. Circumnavigation of Lake Ontario is underway. How about a progress report Dave?