Subject:White Balloon Tires Date:Mon Jul 30 00:19:50 2012
Can we all figure out how to get Corky to make the White tires again? I talked with Morris due to his threat of kicking Corky's arse over a wrecked Ace at 65 mph on the 405 in Los Angles.... where he called them "Bubble Gum" and said they grew Goiters on them whilst sitting in plane view.
After looking at them I see that the mold was made incorrectly and that the "Grip" or the "Clincher" was not made and was deformed. why can't the mold be fixed? is there enough intrest to make them? How many are on the band wagon?
How many do we need to order?
lets see who uses them.

I know I have been asked about them many times. i also know many here need them.