From:Dave Molnar
Subject:RE: Counter-weighted crank shaft Date:Tue May 15 09:27:57 2012
Response to:4068
BTW, not sure about Aces, but on the deluxe I found the only way to get the bearings and shims in all at once if the studs are in the case is to pre-assemble the rear main bearing on the crank with a thin piece of wire and carefully drop the works over the studs. Quite fiddly but it works. I used thin aluminum mig wire. The counter-weight was in the way to tilt the lower insert in. Untwist and pull out the wire. slide in the clutch hub bearings after the crank is moved forward. Then you're so there. Put in your other bearings and shims.

I little while ago I posted a picture of my new test crank shaft which I had counterweights added and two plane precision balanced to the rods and pistons. I just wanted to say that I now have 500 miles on that motor and it runs as smooth as any modern four across the RPM range. There is a very fine buzz but nothing like before. It spins up happily and a real pleasure on the highway not seeming to matter if the speedo says 70 or 80. I do believe the crankshaft whip that caused the always evident heavy wear on the center main journal could be a thing of the past. Its worth doing on deluxes FOR SURE if you plan to log lots of miles - just so everyone knows. The difference is like night and day.