From:Dave Molnar
Subject:'28 Deluxe Date:Wed Apr 28 08:18:14 2010
Hi all!,

Here is number D21416 fresh of the bench. It IS registered as a '26 but I wanted a front brake so '28 was the plan. Ya, I know the rear fender is wrong and isn't that a JD front brake on there?? There is plenty wrong but it goes down the road! I am impressed at how well it handles. And now that I have the motor tweeked, I am amazed at how much torque and power it has (hold on to your hat cause we're goin...).

This project started off as a cut-off engine only (2004). The motor was under a woodworking bench for 60 years. The fellow I got it from who is now in his 70s, said, when he was a little kid, his dad and a buddy were going to build an ice racer and air power it. It has been described as a frame with 3 skis and a seat. 70 mph down the ice... watch out for pressure cracks! These ice races were appearently popular in the 50s on Lake Simcoe (Ontario Canada).

A lot of stars had to line up for this project to get completed. The KJ exchange played no small part in it. Thanks to all who offered their help and encouragement and sold me the parts I needed over the years and a special thanks to Dave for keeping this web site alive! (nice to see you at Oley, Dave!)

If you are working on one of these, don't get discouraged and get busy - it will not do itself! In the end you will be going down the road!


Thanks again