From:Russell Hughes
Subject:RE: oil pan cases Date:Sat Dec 5 22:26:31 2009
Response to:2697
I appreciate your interest in that particularly difficult process but sorry that will remain propriatary information. Your right about the unmatched cases, you can force them together but they will never be right.
I had to invent, design and make all of the patterns and tooling for the three different engine cases that I work on so I prefer to keep that to myself. I can tell you it is a slow nerve racking procedure so I hope you will understand.
Fortunately I did all of the Henderson case work before the Indian cases. The Indian cases are soooooo much easier to reproduce than the KJ's. I would have never attempted the KJ project after doing the Indian.

Russell, could you show a picture [or you Mark] of how to thread or re thread the transmission cross shaft bearing threads and the jig necessary for this? Most are not aware you can't just put unmatched cases together without fixing this area.