From:John Yushkevich
Subject:RE: Hnederson KJ gear? Date:Fri Dec 5 15:20:06 2008
Response to:2216

Hello Florian:
This is actually a timing gear. More specifically the ideler timing gear on the left bank of the timing cluster and also serves as the oil pump drive.
Hello KJ-enthusiasts,

Can anyone tell me if this is a Henderson KJ oil pump gear or any other gear for Henderson?

I got this with a bunch of Excelsior/SuperX engine parts.

If anyone is interested - this gear is for sale or trade for Super X gears (pinion gear) or other parts.

I need a lot of parts for my SuperX streamliner project bike (engine number 71XX) - so please let me know if you have any 30/31 X parts that you do not need.