From:Nick Mulcahy
Subject:Henderson DeLuxe on eBay Date:Thu Oct 23 21:53:13 2008
I guess that most of you have noticed the 1928 DeLuxe that is for sale on eBay but I wonder if you have noticed that it has an engine number that is about 5000 later than any Deluxe ever built. The # that is stamped on the crankcase lower half adjacent to the splineshaft bearing is a 1928 number.It is my experience that all Deluxe engine numbers start with the letter D and that after alloy pistons became an option around 1924 will end with a suffix of either A or C to indicate which pistons the engine had inside. It would be interesting to know what # is stamped on the front face of the crankcase behind the timing gears in that engine. Perhaps someone else would like to coment on this........Nick