Subject:RE: front fender mounting Date:Mon Aug 27 10:45:02 2007
Response to:1639
Marty I am of the belief the heads were thin so as to not touch the tire. Mounting them from the inside out achieves this. I think I've seen that on an original bike but can't confirm it with a photo.

The other peculiar place this was done was on the rear stand. The bolts mount from the inside out, finished off with a castellated nut on the outside. I have seen that on a number of original condition bikes. Again, doing it that way avoids the bolt and nut from catching the tire like during a tire change.

Does anyone know the correct orientation of the front fender top mounting bolts? These are the special thin head Henderson made bolts. Mount from inside the fender, or from the top of the fork? Had to take fender off for repair and want to put it on correctly. Marty