From:john kane
Subject:RE: Henderson parts Date:Sun Jul 29 09:28:14 2007
Response to:1616
HI, please sedn me pics/price of henderson k frame and parts and also 1917 henderson

I have some Henderson parts for sale and will offer them here before I will set them on Ebay.
Model K: Frame, Upper and Lower Crankcase and timing cover with matching numbers, inlet manifold, exhaust manifold, crankshaft some smaller parts.
De Luxe: 2 Handlebar Switches, Cuttler hammer switch,
Tx 4 carb , complete set of valve spring covers for 28 De Luxe,
Magnetos : Bosch FF4AR for KJ
Berling E 41 for 1918 Henderson
Simms 4 cyl. Magneto
2 New Coker tires 28 x 3 all white
Old Sol gas lamp and Prestolite tank
Some Replica parts : Gas tank Model K, De Luxe rear mudguard,
battery box for early De Luxe, KJ Dash panel
I am also thinking to sell my unrerstored 1917 Henderson.
For photos or more information please email.