From:russell hughes
Subject:RE: One Helpful Response.....Thank You Nick Mulcahy ! Date:Fri Dec 8 00:50:13 2006
Response to:1370
To add to Girards' experience with Nick I can say that I just purchased and recieved a very good KJ second gear slider from Nick. The part was acurately described, well photographed and priced right. I will not hesitate to purchase items from him again.

Girard, are you the one I met at Stoners place during Wauseon?

Hello All,

I just want to make it known to those owners of a Henderson Deluxe, that
I did receive one very helpful response to my "Shameless Request For Lead
on DeLuxe Parts" message from 9/12/06. Mr. Nick Mulcahy from Tasmania,
responded immediately to my request with an offer to provide some shift-
levers for my 1922 model. Upon further enquiry as to what else I might be
looking for, he also made it known that he produces an oil filter kit that is
very inconspicuous, and uses the same type of oil nipples and nuts as found
on the bike already. It incorporates a small Toyota 'Corolla' spin-on filter,
which is readily available, and efficient.

I am extremely happy with the quality of Mr. Mulcahy's work, as well as the
thoughtful and intelligent design of his oil filter kit ! His shift-levers are an
exact replica of a set taken from a 1922 bike, an need only nickle-plating
to be finished.

I would not hesitate for a moment, to recommend that anyone looking for
items of this sort, should contact Mr. Mulcahy at .
He spent an incredible amount of his personal time explaining exactly what
he had to offer, as well as the correct application of those parts. Mr. Mulcahy
has also been very helpful with re-building tips and anecdotes pertaining to
the process of making these beautiful bikes run again. I should also add that
a gentleman named Kris offered the advice of checking with Antique
Motorcycle Works for parts.......I was already aware of their offerings, but
thanks to Kris for that response as well !

Thanks Again Nick !
Happy Holidays everyone !

Girard Fox