1930 - KJ 34381
Dave Hennessey
Bethesda, Maryland

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2002 - I recently purchased this bike from Allan Hunter in Boston. It's a 1930, but the bike has the rare 1931 horn! The fork springs and rockers have the wrong finish, and the seat is period, but not the original Pearsons. It has a De Luxe lower case - no dipstick. A couple other minor things, but it's essentially correct.

It runs quite nicely, as I drove it around Watertown (near Harvard U.) for about 20 minutes. I kept coming back, told him I wasn't finished yet, and drove off again. It was such a blast that I just didn't want to stop!


2007 - Carl Vandre rebuilt the motor, and I picked it up at Davenport. Once it was home, I started putting it back together.