1929 - KJ 30124
Ed Mitzner

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Watch Ed ride his KJ
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Ed writes "I have owned this Henderson for 39 years and had it only in running condition in the 70's but not restored. I rode it around the neighborhood for a couple of years then it sat in the garage till the mid 90's. In 1997 I started searching for parts to restore it to as close to original as I could . In early 2004 I started working on the restoration and completed it June 9th 2006. I've riden about 350 miles on it since. The longest ride being 35 miles in the Pasadena Cal. New Years Horseless Carriage Club run. All other rides have been 10-20 miles around town. This is my only restoration project."
Here's Ed's friend Tom Lovejoy on a Deluxe.
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