Mr. Henderson - Carl Vandre Remembered

The Henderson motorcycle community lost a good friend recently. Carl Vandre passed away on February 7, 2008.

Over the years, Carl was responsible for keeping countless Hendersons on the road – in this country and around the world. There wasn’t a part on a Henderson motorcycle that Carl couldn’t fix. And if a part was missing, he simply made a new one. He loved to talk, and gave advice to countless people from all over the world – all you had to do was call Carl on the phone, and tell him your problem.

Carl was "Mr. Henderson" – there isn’t a person on this planet that knew more about the Henderson motorcycle than Carl Vandre. Carl is no longer with us, but the Hendersons he loved so much still are.

Our Memories of Carl Vandre

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Loretta Grimberg
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Dave Hennessey
John Yushkevich
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Ian Davidson
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