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Richard Schultz is the author of the one and only book on Hendersons
"Henderson - Those Elegant Machines"

The New Edition Will Be Shipping Soon

The reprint of the original book
  — now with a new dust cover/1912 Henderson
and the Supplement book 2014
  — with a 1931 Henderson X KJ dust cover
are both leather bound and will be sold as set.

Limited print run.

To order, contact John Quinnell
515-418-7822 or email: quinnells@q.com

Details About the Original Edition

Richard's excellent 220-page hard-bound book covers all the models from the 1911 prototype to the last 1931 Streamline "KJ" model. Schultz emphasizes the Detroit-built models (1912-1917) before the Henderson Brothers sold the business to Ignatz Schwinn.

The book is profusely illustrated with original documents - in fact, the old Henderson factory literature and advertisments vastly outnumbers the author's text. But don't treat this as another coffee-table book - Schultz has done a tremendous amount of solid research.

Schultz offers a surpising portrait of Ignatz Schwinn, the ruthless businessman: with Tom Henderson on his knees, Schwinn paying Tom his asking price for the Henderson Co.; Schwinn giving both Tom and younger brother Will high-paying jobs with Excelsior; Schwinn forgiving Tom's debts when Tom quits and goes into the export business for himself; Schwinn conveniently forgetting the non-compete contract clause when Will starts Ace Motor Co.

You don't have this book? Obviously, you're not interested in Hendersons...


Henderson - Those Elegant Machines

–sold out years ago–